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Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer featured

After being arrested for DUI you need to find a good and qualified attorney to represent you. If you do not know how to go about it below is a list of questions to ask a prospective lawyer during your initial consultation.

A drunk driving charge can completely ruin your life. It can convenience both your work and family life. The best thing that you can do is to fight a DUI by trying to get a plea bargain, getting your charge reduced, or even the case dismissed so your life can flow smoothly. You can do this with the help of an experienced attorney. At Touma Law Group we offer free consultations so you can speak with a Greenville DUI defense attorney and address any concerns you have with your case.

How Much Experience Do They Have Handling DUI Cases?

You need to learn more about the background of your potential lawyer it is not enough for you to just hire a criminal defense attorney. You need an attorney that prioritizes DUI cases.

An individual who is facing DUI charges is likely to be nervous, emotional, and afraid of the outcomes that the charges they are facing will have both on their professional and personal life. Over the years the penalties for a DUI have become increasingly severe. For you to be able to fairly fight a DUI charge you need to ensure that you have a highly qualified attorney to help you beat the charge and represent you in court during the trial.

You will have peace of mind when you find a skilled DUI attorney who has the relevant previous experience you need for your case. Finding a qualified lawyer gives you the confidence that you have a trusted individual who understands the legal process and has the necessary resources needed to pursue your case.

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It is important to ask the lawyer how long they have handled DUI cases. How many DUI cases do they handle in a year?

You should choose an experienced lawyer to represent you. Other things that you may want to consider are if the lawyer is familiar with the prosecutor handling your case and how often the cases they represent go to trial. The lawyer knowing the prosecutor can be beneficial to you in the case where you are offered a plea agreement.

You should keep in mind that while experience is important there are other factors to consider. You should look out for an attorney that you are comfortable with and one who is competent to work on your case. They should be a skilled negotiator and should be able to build an aggressive defense on your behalf when it is time for them to go to trial.

What They Think the Most Likely Outcome for Your Case Will Be

It is important to note that every DUI case is different and the outcomes of the cases can vary. Even so, there are general trends that DUI cases in particular are likely to follow.

A qualified attorney that has knowledge of how DUI cases work will be able to give you predictions on the outcome of your case. They can base the outcome on a similar decision that was made in a DUI case that had facts similar to yours. Also, under certain circumstances, the state does offer plea agreements. If your case has factors that fit the special circumstances category a plea bargain agreement is a possibility.

Your prior criminal history is a major factor that can end up impacting the outcome of your DUI case. If you have prior convictions they can lead to you facing harsher penalties.

However, there isn’t a sure way that anyone can guarantee the outcome of your case. If a lawyer guarantees a certain outcome it should be a red flag. Even though guarantees cannot be given based on how cases similar to yours have been handled it is possible to give a possible outcome.

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Penalties You Face if Convicted

The penalties for a DUI conviction have increasingly become harsh in recent years. This has become the case because legislators are trying to decrease the number of DUI accidents that as a result cause serious injuries and at times death. Even a first-time DUI offender can get penalties such as a driver’s license suspension, paying of fines as well as other fees, incarceration, installation of an ignition interlock device for a certain period of time, or going through alcohol education or counseling sessions as a result of a DUI conviction.

How Long Do They Expect the Case to Last?

You should note that your case can take a few months from the time that you get arrested to the time the case is finally resolved. Even though DUI cases tend to get resolved quickly via the court systems there are complex issues that can result in the case becoming lengthier.

When a DUI case is taken to trial it often times results in the process being longer. This is because the case will be scheduled in the court’s calendar for trial. When you hire an attorney to represent it is obvious that you may want the case to be quickly resolved. However, you should give your lawyer the chance to go through your case and come up with the best resolution possible. In your case, it may mean negotiating a plea bargain or you may have to proceed to trial.

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You should ask your attorney if there are unique factors revolving around your case that will result in your case taking a long time to wind up. An attorney will notice unique factors surrounding your case and it will help them to weigh the decision on whether to take up your case. If your attorney does not tell you of any unique factors about your case you can just ask them.

How They Can Help You

When you go to a big law firm you will likely get the help you need for your DUI-related offense. However, with some larger firms, it is likely that you can talk to a potential attorney but end up being represented by a different attorney. In our case you get a personal touch. The attorney that you meet during the initial consultation will be the one to represent you if you feel comfortable with them.

At Touma Law Group we keep our lines of communication open with our clients and in case of any changes in your case, we will let you know. Also, if you have questions to ask your criminal defense lawyer during the time they are handling your case you can ask us and get a timely response. We work with private investigators if and when necessary to help find the missing details in your case.

When you are facing a DUI criminal charge you can get in touch with us for legal representation. You will be represented by a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the South Carolina DUI system. Let our attorneys offer you the legal support you need in the DUI-related charge you are facing and work towards getting you a favorable outcome.

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