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Columbia College Student Defense Lawyer

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Almost all universities and colleges have a code of conduct that they expect all students to comply with. The student conduct board is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the codes of conduct. They are the ones that conduct hearings in cases where code violation has allegedly occurred.

At most universities in SC, these kinds of hearings can be conducted often by the judicial council in Columbia SC College which comprises the students in the university. The judicial council acts under the office of the student council.

Students that have to go through the hearing due to the code of conduct violation are supposed to be aware of their right to consult with a legal representative. The decisions made by the university do not have the force of law behind them but even so, a negative consequence can result in a student’s academic and professional career suffering harm.

When you are being accused of a code of conduct violation you should seek the help of a Columbia college student defense lawyer to aid in preventing a negative outcome so you can keep your future and reputation intact.

Common Charges College Students Are Arrested For

Employers from private companies and the government will not only require that an individual have the minimum education necessary to get the job but as well they will most of the time need to carry out a background check. A background check is carried out in order to verify your criminal record. and see if you have been charged and convicted of a criminal offense. The record can show if you have been arrested or any citations you have. Below are some of the common charges against college students when they get arrested by a police officer;

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Underage Drinking or Possession of Alcohol

During the school break, some students may consume a lot of alcohol. The police in South Carolina will most of the time target students that appear to be below 21 years are found to be illegally consuming alcohol. During spring break it is normal for law enforcement officers to stop the students, ask them about their age, and request for them to take a portable breath test. Other common offenses found among students are using a fake ID in order to purchase alcohol and get into nightclubs, and bars.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

South Carolina is known to have a zero-tolerance law for underage drinking. When a person under the age of 21 years is arrested for drinking and driving in Columbia South Carolina they will face the zero-tolerance policy. Any underage driver that is found to have a blood alcohol concentration of .02 can be charged with a DUI.

Simple Possession of Marijuana

Many campuses are often secluded and for that reason, students feel that they can experiment and often get away with trying illegal substances. However, in South Carolina Federal and state drug charges carry some of the toughest penalties in the nation. Evan a simple possession charge can result in the future of your child being negatively affected.

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How a Criminal Conviction Can Affect Your School Standing

Every university has policies that may differ from another one concerning how to handle the criminal activities of students. Even so, in most universities when students are convicted of a crime most schools implement disciplinary actions. The disciplinary actions taken toward the students will differ and vary depending on the crime that the student committed. When the crimes committed are minor the student can be given a suspension or they can go into a probation period.

As a result of committing a felony and any other major crime, it can lead to expulsion from the institution, loss of scholarships, and removal from a sports team or other school organizations.

What to Do After an Arrest

When you get arrested off-campus the first thing that you should do is to remain polite. Also, after your release, it would be best to immediately get in touch with a criminal defense attorney that works with college students.

So you can ensure your safety and make sure that the situation does not escalate it is important for you to be polite to the arresting officer. The law enforcement officer is just meeting you for the first time and they do not know you in person. When they find you in a compromising situation they will assume the worst about you. The best thing that you can do is to be polite and comply with the directions that they are giving you.

When you get arrested it will trigger a lot of formal actions in the criminal justice system that you may not be able to stop. When an arrest occurs it appears on your criminal record history despite the outcome of the case. That is because after an arrest you will be issued a court date. When an attorney that handles criminal defense cases for college students takes up your case they can higher the chance of your case getting dismissed or you getting a favorable outcome. Also, the defense counsel will work towards keeping your future criminal record clean.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

As a student, when you are facing criminal charges it can become overwhelming and you may not be able to make crucial decisions that involve your future. You may need the help of an aggressive defense attorney that has adequate legal experience and knowledge in criminal law to help you prepare a strong defense.

A criminal defense lawyer in Columbia, SC can positively impact the direction of your case. A criminal defense lawyer from Touma Law Group will be able to answer the questions you have about your case. Our law firm offers legal representation that will help you to ensure that your rights are protected in court and help you to explore the legal options that you have at your disposal. Get in touch with our student defense lawyer and let us know about your criminal matter.

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