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Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges? At Touma Law Group, we understand that this can be a confusing and difficult time. No matter the charge, no matter the crime, we are committed to developing an aggressive defense to protect your future.

What Is The Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony?

Overall a misdemeanor is a lesser crime than a felony. Misdemeanors are often reserved for first offenses or minor offenses like trespassing, simple possession, vandalism, submitting false claims, and most traffic violations.

A common misconception about misdemeanors is that they do not come with jail time. This is untrue. In South Carolina, a misdemeanor can carry up to 3 years of jail time along with up to thousands of dollars in fines. Some crimes may be considered a misdemeanor on the first offense, but become a felony on second offenses like certain drug possession crimes. A misdemeanor does affect your criminal record but often does not hurt your ability to get a job.

A felony is a more serious crime. Felonies include crimes like homicide, arson, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. Felonies generally come with more serious consequences like longer prison sentences, larger fines, and can affect your chances of securing a job. In the case of a felony charge, it is of utmost importance to secure the help of an aggressive defense attorney. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Having a knowledgeable and experienced criminal lawyer on your case can make a significant difference in the outcome. Our attorneys at Touma Law Group take pride in their dedication to you and the justice you deserve. We will personally assist you through each step of the process. They take the time to meticulously review your charges and all evidence and can answer any questions you may have about your case. Our attorneys work hard to develop the best defense strategy to help reduce your charges, negotiate lesser penalties, and possibly get your case dropped altogether.

A criminal attorney can help you navigate the ends and outs of your charges, any applicable penalties, and the legal process from start to finish. They know to look for mistakes in the handling of your arrest, evidence obtained, and police reports. They know your legal rights and the precedent of the law. They know how to help you. They have dedicated their lives to understanding the criminal justice system so you don't have to.

How to Find the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you are facing weapons charges, assault charges, drug charges, or any other criminal offense, it is imperative that you find a lawyer that works for you. The right criminal defense trial attorney should care about the details of your case just as much as they care about helping you. They should be passionate about protecting your rights and obtaining justice. They should have experience and knowledge in any legal issues you may be facing.

At our law firm, you will be treated with respect and compassion. We are personally invested in you and the results.  We understand the serious effects a criminal conviction can have on your life, your family, and your future and we do not take those concerns lightly. We are passionate about developing a comprehensive defense and helping you receive the best possible outcome.

Review Your Defense Options With Our Firm Today

Our Columbia criminal defense lawyers have represented people across the state of South Carolina for a wide range of criminal offenses. At Touma Law Group, we have secured favorable outcomes for many, including the complete dismissal of charges. Contact our Columbia office today to receive your free confidential consultation. Do not punish yourself by attempting to do this process alone. 

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