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Powdersville Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Every American holds a constitutional right to defense counsel after being charged with a crime. This does not mean that you have to settle for the public defender provided by the court. Public defenders work hard and have an important role in our justice system, but nearly always have too much on their plate, working multiple cases simultaneously and having limited time to dedicate to one client at a time. 

Criminal charges can have an enormous impact on your life and you will want to be sure your case is in good hands.  Finding the right Powdersville criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your jury trial, regardless of the type of crime you are being charged with, can be a difficult task; but also one of the most important. At Touma Law Group we will build a criminal defense team to put the outcome of your case first. We will fight to protect your rights and build a vigorous defense to get you the best possible result for your case. Contact us today to schedule a free case consultation!

Criminal Classifications Under State Law

Criminal offenses in South Carolina can be classed into one of 6 types of felonies or 3 types of misdemeanors. This is largely the case, but it should also be noted that in the South Carolina Code of Laws §16-1-10(D) several unique offenses are exempt from the standard classification system, allowing for unique punishments on conviction as defined in the state statutes. 

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A criminal offense fitting into the normal classification system used in South Carolina will have the length of the jail time that could be applied depend on the misdemeanor or felony class it falls under. Under South Carolina law, that is broken down as follows:

  • One year for a Class C misdemeanor conviction
  • Two years for a Class B misdemeanor conviction
  • Three years for a Class A misdemeanor conviction
  • Five years for a Class F felony
  • 10 years for a Class E felony
  • 15 years for a Class D felony
  • 20 years for a Class C felony
  • 25 years for a Class B felony
  • 30 years for a Class A felony

Further penalties, including fines community service, probation, or license suspension, can be applied individually to cases. An attorney with experience in criminal law will be able to go into detail during your case consultation about what type of punishment you may face given the charges brought against you, as well as whether or not you are likely to see further penalties. 

Powdersville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Powdersville Criminal Statute of Limitations

Many states follow a legal concept called a statute of limitations. This limits how long prosecutors have to level charges against an individual after a crime is committed. If the deadline to begin the process has passed, no charges can be filed for the case. 

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South Carolina, however, does not follow a statute of limitations for criminal cases. This means that you may be tried for a crime, no matter how much time has passed since it was committed. This makes it even more critical to get in touch with an experienced Powdersville criminal defense attorney, as they will know what steps to take to defend your case. 

Hire a Powdersville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Each and every criminal case has unique circumstances which can impact the possible outcome. From violent crime to fraud, to even lesser charges, any criminal charges could have a severe impact on your future. With the potential for negative outcomes and a permanent mark on your criminal record is so high, it is never a good idea to attempt to tackle criminal charges without the professional advice of an experienced attorney. 

The talented Powdersville criminal defense lawyer with the Touma Law Group can help lay out all your options as you prepare for trial, give you your chances for getting supplementary punishment, and guide you through the appeals process if necessary. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and tenacious and will be your closest ally throughout your criminal case. Call our criminal defense firm today or schedule an appointment online for a free case consultation to see how we can help you!

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